Saturday, January 1, 2011

UPDATED: Did Twitter Suspend And Delete New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's Twitter Account?

Andrew Cuomo was sworn in as Governor of New York State last night. And as of at least this morning, it appears Twitter has suspended and deleted his official Twitter account "due to strange activity." In tests, Cuomo's Twitter was deleted or suspended as seen via Firefox, Safari and mobile browser.

NYC The Blog has reached out Twitter and Andrew Cuomo's team for more information and will update with any responses received. You can see Cuomo's Twitter page in Google's Cache below.

UPDATE: Things get more bizarre. A new Twitter account is unleashed, @NYGovernor. This appears to be the new official account for the Governor, linked from his official .gov page. But what's up with that bio? "First elected Governor of the State of New York since the Luv Guv. @shellysilver calls me Mario's Kid. I live with @sandrashm and like classic cars." Odd bio for our Governor, huh? What's more, @shellysilver is the fake Shelly Silver twitter. Is this a very elaborate hoax?

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