Monday, April 26, 2010

The New York Times First Ever Sponsored Tweet

NYC The Blog has learned from a source with direct knowledge of the situation, of the very first 'Sponsored Tweet' transmitted over the transom on behalf of The New York Times, in an ad buy arranged The Times' ad agency, Morpheus.

'Sponsored Tweets' in the feeds of media outlets have just recently started to become common.

The Times' 'Sponsored Tweet' advertised 50% off home delivery, and appeared on February 16 in the Twitter feed of, a first for both Fashionista and The Times. It was one of five The Times received that week, likely part of a larger ad buy.

Below, see The New York Times' very first 'Sponsored Tweet' in varying forms, perfect for the Library of Congress' new collection!

In all it's singular glory...

As it appeared in the stream...

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