Saturday, January 1, 2011

UPDATED: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's Twitter Takes Bizarre Turn


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has a new Twitter account, linked directly on his official .gov page. He lists his bio as: "First elected Governor of the State of New York since the Luv Guv. @ calls me Mario's Kid. I live with @ and like classic cars." Unless this is an incredibly elaborate hoax which would have required access to the New York Governor's own official website, that bio seems in incredible poor taste, no? @shellysilver, by the way, is a parody Twitter account for Shelly Silver, and the "Luv Guv" of course refers to former Governor Eliot Spitzer.

The new @NYGovernor account comes on the heels of Cuomo's previous account being "suspended due to strange activity."

UPDATE I: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo removes reference to "Luv Guv" on his bio page and reminds people where you can still see the old one if you missed it.
UPDATE II: Incredible Hoax

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