Monday, April 26, 2010

Print Media In New York City Embrace Advertisements Delivered Via Twitter

Last week NYCTB noticed 'Sponsored Tweets' in the Twitter feed of The New York Post, and Time Out New York.

Wondering aloud when this became practice, Twitter user Thomas Hinton (a photog at The Post is also named Thomas Hinton) responded via Twitter that The Post started 'Sponsored Tweets' just just week.

Though tweets as advertising are becoming common on celebrity Twitter feeds, we might be witnessing a new practice developing in the financially challenged print media industry.

Have you seen other print media providing 'Sponsored Tweets' in their feed?

Related: Thanks to a tip from a source with direct knowledge of the situation, NYCTB has located the very first 'Sponsored Tweet' purchased by The New York Times. Screengrabs will be posted in just a short while...perfect for the Library of Congress' new collection!

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