Friday, December 31, 2010

UPDATED: Twitter's Built In Memory Hole

Yesterday, Samuel Goldsmith, Deputy Mayor for Operations in New York City, decided to follow Newark Mayor Cory Booker's lead on Twitter and lend a hand to people whose streets haven't been plowed by encouraging residents to get in contact. He must have had a change of heart though since he's now deleted the tweet.

And if you used Twitters Retweet function to share Goldsmith's offer, instead of manually retweeting the tweet, the tweet will disappear from your feed if the original twitter deletes it, as Goldsmith did. It's probably harder than it looks to be Cory Booker on Twitter.

So the tweet was sent down Twitter's memory hole. But that's not much solace to those hoping to remove a tweet, as Google's cache will often produce what you are looking for, as seen in the sample image created above.

UPDATE: Two hours after this post went up, Samuel Goldsmith is cautiously trying his luck again on Twitter. He just offered: "Let us know if your block needs more work. If you can’t DM me, include “@NYCMayorsOffice” in your tweet."

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