Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Advertising platforms proliferate in the Times Square subway station

Google is wrapping the shuttle trains. A few blocks down at Herald Square, Asics is projecting itself against the wall. The NY Times recently reported on the variety of advertising options new and old, that CBS Outdoor -as the company that handles all the advertising in the subway stations- is now exploring, such as projecting images on the train tunnel itself, (similar to Boston and LA) ads on the turnstiles, steps, etc...Like it or not, it seems the already substantial amount of advertising in our subway stations are going to get more pronounced.

In a recent visit to the Times Square station, which seems to be the testing point for new ads, NYC The Blog photographed some, but not all of these new advertising spaces, such as turnstiles arms. Turnstile arms, Really? Well has opted to claim some in the Times Square station to questionable effect. Maker's Mark wanted a set of stairs, as did Bank of America.

"Advertisers are eager for any new way to capture consumers' attention." the Times wrote. Maybe a little to eager, hmm? They continued, "'Advertisers, especially in this environment, are looking to do something different and be noticed,' said Jodi Senese, the executive vice president for marketing for CBS Outdoor. 'When something is new, clearly there's an
opportunity to make a big splash,' she said."

That seems reasonable, and the new projection display the company began leasing last week over a passageway in the station appears to hit that mark, grabbing your attention, but in a way that does not feel intrusive or over the top. Photos at right.

All in all there is a very large amount of advertising in that station, in relation to elsewhere, which often is already quite substantial. It seems as though most commuters ignore the advertisements, and I wonder how effective any of it is, particularly the more intrusive work on the stairs, turnstiles, etc...Often times any reaction I might have is averse. The digital projections are not so bad, for instance, and the wrapping of trains...Maybe ok also. After all is said and done though, I don't have any money anyways, so...

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