Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Harlem World

Harlem newsboy 1943 Photo by Gordon Parks, from the Library of Congress
  • Anyone else ever notice the twins on 125th always dressed alike? I see them on the bus sometimes. Here they are wearing matching fur coats <Sekou Writes>
  • American Youth Hostel on 104th An Affordable Place To Stay In New York <Harlem Live>
  • Black Portraits in Bold Face; Barkley L. Hendricks at the Studio Museum
    <The Harlem Eye>
  • South Harlem (?) in the news (again) <Harlem Condo Life>
  • Future residents of Ellington on the Park, 130 Bradhurst Avenue, have started a Google discussion group <Ellington on the Park>
  • Artist's views from his window capture – and help – a neighborhood
    <Manhattan Times (pdf)>
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