Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Put Your City On

Photograph courtesy of arvindgrover
  • The Village Pour House, having recently opened up a outpost at 982 Amsterdam Avenue, btw 108 and 109th, sends word that you can take a cab there from anywhere in the city, and if you produce the receipt at the bar, they will pay for your drinks in the amount of your fare. As a commenter at Feedbag noted, "Are you kidding? This is an insane deal… So I can go out downtown and take a cab home to have some free drinks??"
  • Graffiti Writer With Daddy Issues Bombs Subway Station <Animal>
  • Since 2003, the city has been experiencing a historic building boom. But that prosperity has come at a high cost. So far this year, 27 construction workers have died. <WNYC>
  • Night Shift: Lincoln Tunnel <City Room>
  • NYU Uses Magic Accounting to Fudge Dorm Crime Stats <WSN via Gothamist>
  • Streetfilms: A New Vision for the Upper West Side <Streetsblog>
  • Local Craftspeople Make Art About Books for NY Public Library <Runnin' Scared>
  • Free museum hours in NYC for Fall/Winter 2008/2009 <Newyorkology>
  • Matt Harvey at the NY Press has been filing a series of first hand reports on encounters with the Real World cast, his latest caused quite a scene. <Fifth Column Blogs>
  • Rich People Now Trying to Fit In by Acting Broke <The Cut>
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