Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Asics Digital Projection Ad: Union Square Subway Station

More of these types of advertisement will become prevalent in our subway stations as the format becomes aggressively marketed by the agencies selling the space, (in this case CBS Outdoor who handles all the ad space in our subway stations) and embraced by companies looking for new ways to get their message their across.

The NY Times recently ran a piece exploring the variety of advertising options available in the stations to get your message across, such as the projecting of ads on tunnel walls as they do in Boston and L.A., wrapping whole cars as was done recently on the Times Square Shuttle, and wrapping poles as you might have seen in the Herald Square station. CBS has also recently began testing a large digital display above a passageway by the 7 train in Times Square. As well, according to the Times, "it has offered stairs and the full interior of trains to advertisers for a technique known as a wrap." And for those truly looking to utilize all ad space available, and one that I've never (yet) seen covered with any ads, CBS also makes available for advertisers the turnstile arms, and the entire turnstile structure.

For further reading, Public Ad Campaign has a nice collection of stories regarding advertising in the subway stations.
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