Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New York City: Looking For Recognition On YouTube

It seems if you record or are featured in a video showcasing outrageous behavior, particular physical violence, an awareness exists, a hope even, that it will be disseminated online. Take these employees at Primavera Pizza & Pasta in midtown. A recent fight that erupted in their pizzeria was hardly over before they all gathered around to relive the action by viewing it on a witnesses camera. One even expressed their desire to see it on YouTube, going so far as to offer a title. "Fighting at Primavera Pizza & Pasta," he suggested, repeating himself for emphasis. "Fighting at Primavera Pizza & Pasta."

In the video below of a wild brawl that broke out in front of Bar None in the East Village on St. Patrick's Day in Manhattan, the videographer starts to speculate about how many views it might rack up on YouTube. At the 5.30 mark he remarks: "I'm pretty sure, I'm pretty sure it's one million views. At least a hundred thousand. I'll be happy with 30 [thousand]." It currently has 240 views.

At the tail end of the video, the man recording even steps out from behind the camera to jubilantly gloat about his surefire path to one million views on YouTube. "I want to be in my own one million views," he explains. Wrapping his arm around a friend, he tells him, "on the count of three, one million views!" The victorious chant is interrupted by someone who objected to being videotaped in the brawl.

As Vibe reported on Monday, sites like World Star Hip Hop have built successful businesses largely on sharing videos like the ones above. World Star is so popular, Vibe wrote, "that 'documentarians' with cell phone cameras sometimes name-drop the site while recording brawls." You need not look farther back than last night on YouTube to see an example of such a name-drop. In this video of a very rough street fight on 149th and 3rd Avenue in the Bronx, the man behind the camera lets it be known the video is going up online. At the 1.35 mark he tells someone, "World Star, Facebook, all that."

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