Thursday, March 31, 2011

New York City Outsmarts Skateboarders At Chinatown Banks

Chatham Square's derelict little park in Chinatown, a sorry excuse for a "park" not really maintained or cared for by the Parks Department, is a favorite of skateboarders and BMX bike riders from Manhattan and beyond. They affectionately refer to it as the Chinatown Banks, due to the multitude of sloped edges built on the exterior of monstrous planters. A few years ago, some enterprising chaps even took to filling a section of rough stones with cement, for a smoother trip. When signs appeared informing skating was not allowed failed to deter anyone, the Parks Department got clever and installed a bench in front of the beloved, cement filled slope, earlier this month. As you can see, this confused the skateboarders. They left moments later.

As skateboarding website Quarter Snack lameneted, "there is pretty much no reason to ever come here again."

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