Monday, March 28, 2011

Woman Assaulted And Robbed On Subway (Video)

In video shared today on YouTube, a subway commuter at the Avenue X stop in Brooklyn recorded the tail end of an assault and robbery taking place in the next car over. (On the F train?) Still recording, he left his car and walked toward the scene. An agitated man, possibly the perpetrator, passes him on the platform. "Is that the guy?" he asks someone off camera who confirms, "Yah." The victim, bloodied in the face from the assault, is already on the phone reporting the incident. "The man attacked me, he punched me," she yells into the phone. "He pulled out a knife at me."

Reached by phone, an officer in the 61st Precinct (where the assault might have occurred) explained they could neither confirm nor deny if this incident took place and do not make that information available. NYC The Blog contacted the YouTube user who uploaded the video as well the MTA and will update with any new info received.

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