Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Naked Man Masturbates On Subway (Video)

Keron "DJ Fire Kid," a 22-year-old immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago who resides in Staten Island and did not want his last name used, was riding the N train in Manhattan on Sunday just past midnight as a pantless rider began to masturbate nearby. As the subway pulled out of the Prince Street station in Soho around 12:40am, a man without pants or underwear began carefully tying a string around his penis in plain sight. Commuters split into three camps; indifferent, horrified or very amused. As the man calmly finished tying what appears to be an overhand knot—or possibly a clove hitch—he started masturbating.

Asked for his reaction, Keron, who videotaped the incident, said he and others were amused. "At first I thought he had pants on, then I realized he was nude," he wrote via text message. At one point, aware he was being recorded, the reckless exhibitionist turned to the camera and opened his legs. The public display of shameless self-love, which seemed to have the cameraman in tears, went on for at least three stops. Naturally, Keron recorded the whole thing. Video of the incident is below, and of course, not safe for work.

The police finally put an end to the obscenity and arrested the onanist after the subway rolled into the Union Square station. "Note the man seemed coherent," Keron pointed out. "As soon as he saw the police he started getting dressed."

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