Friday, January 14, 2011

Free Swiping: Officially A Trend?

Wednesday's post highlighting 'free swiping,' the act of swiping someone through the turnstile for free, drew some reactions. Gothamist was hesitant and another blogger replied: "Humans are awesome." It's worth nothing again that swiping someone through the turnstile at no charge is entirely legal. What's more, according to the flimsy criteria observed by The New York Times for a trend piece, "free swiping" is indeed a bonafide trend!

In addition to to the People's Transportation Program and this person being big "free swipe" proponents, there's also a nascent Facebook page, Free Swipe. Unaffiliated with the People's Transportation Program, the page was created by Tina Trachtenburg and J.p. Marin. Tina, as you may know, is mother to one of New York City's teeniest activists, Rachel Trachtenburg. "Free Swipe is a great way for New Yorkers to help each other out!" Rachel told NYC The Blog.

J.p. hopes free swiping catches on. Now 30 years old, J.p. moved to New York City in 2001 when a single ride metrocard was $1.50. Today a single ride is $2.50 and he's not convinced that's as affordable as it could be. Offering a free swipe to someone else is just one way he can help.

Reached via email, Tina added things "are going really great. People are really interested...We get a few people together and gather our unlimited cards. All of us stand by the turnstile and give out swipes while handing out flyers."

Join their Facebook page to stay abreast of upcoming free swipe events.

It's official: Free Swiping is a "Movement."

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