Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rachel Trachtenburg's Sweet Sixteen Party

Rachel Trachtenburg, of the band Supercute! and the The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, celebrated her sixteenth birthday this past Sunday at the House of Yes in Brooklyn.

If you can imagine an eccentric, old time variety radio show come to life on stage, that's basically what the party was like, tuned up a few notches. There were musicians, comics, burlesque, court jesters, animals, a photo booth from Dave Matthews Walter and so much more. Photos taken that evening in the photo booth are online here. Infamous New York City Art Stars Reverend Jen, Mike Amato, Murray Hill, Daniella Day, Jessica Delfino and others were in attendance; many performed on stage in Rachel's honor. Videographers from MTV were also flitting about, (wha??) shooting video for what could be a new reality series about Rachel and the band Supercute. Kids these days, they get famous so quick.

Wish I had a birthday party like that.

A few more photos from the evening snapped by NYC The Blog are below. Video of the evening, including performance by Supercute, will be forthcoming.

Jason Trachtenburg (on floor) and band

L-R: Julia Cumming, Rachel Trachtenburg

L-R: Kristine Petrucione, Mike Amato, Jillian Hollis

View more photos from the event at Flickr.
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