Wednesday, January 12, 2011

'Free Swiping': New York City Residents Sticking It To The Man

Yesterday I joked about how enjoyable it is to swipe people through the turnstiles, "a tiny fuck you" to The Man. Seems I'm not alone. Russia Today just produced a segment about economic disobedience by New York City residents: "This is less visible and you may not see it...because it's going on under ground." The reporter continued: " poor neighborhoods," in response to economic injustice, members of the People's Transportation Program are organizing unlimited metro card buys and then swiping in as many people through as possible.

An unlimited metro card can be swiped every 18 minutes and Paul J. Fleuranges, an MTA authority spokesman, told The New York Times you may legally use your metro card to swipe anyone at anytime, as long as you're not selling the swipe. Charging people for it is how you would run afoul of the law. So go ahead and stick it to the man, swipe someone through.

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