Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where Does All That Snow Go?

Yesterday it snowed. And everyone knows what happens when it snows in New York City. Death and destruction? But yesterday wasn't so bad. Unlike two weeks ago, there were no shovel brigrades. Didn't see vehicles getting stuck. The snow gets pushed to the side and then some gets shoveled back into the street. Some eventually melts, leaving behind a filthy mess. No huge piles of snow to remove. And where does all that snow go anyways?

After a huge blizzard like two weeks ago, first its need to be picked up. 

Then deposited into a waiting dump truck.

Which carries the load and dumps it into a big pile a few blocks away.

Then the snow is picked up yet again by another piece of heavy machinery.

The front loader carries it to the other end of the block...

...and dumps it into a snow melter.

Then it turns into vapor and starts all over again?

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