Thursday, March 3, 2011

Friday Night Throwdown Under The Manhattan Bridge (Video)

Friday Night Throwdown, according to "Ray," a promoter, is a "clash of amateur boxing, underground music, underground party, New York seedy and New York City." The event has been going on for at least a couple of years and strives for that seedy, DIY atmosphere to entertain the glitterati of Manhattan fashion. The crowd is known to be pretty and so are the boxers, some of whom are models. The New York Times gushed: "The event is often packed with models and well-known photographers." The Lo-Down reports a movie is in the works.

Scott Cramer was there on January 28 and filmed the event (seen above) on the second floor of 88 East Broadway in Chinatown, under the Manhattan bridge. He told NYC The Blog via email. "They charged $20 bucks to get in the door. There was a DJ, a few bars serving drinks, and a ton of hot models everywhere. There were probably about a 1000 people there in total."

"There were supposedly going to be seven or eight fights but the night was cut short. After the second fight there was a band that played for a song but no one cared. The crowd wanted more violence. Ray then announced on the microphone that the owners of the building were not pleased with what was going down and the cops were on the way. They went straight to the main event. Rockstar Charlie vs. Snacks. All the beer was being pushed out of the house and they cleared all the bars. In the back corner of the place were these couple of Chinese guys with their arms crossed and looking pissed. The last time you see Ray in the video, one of the people working with him was introducing him to the owner of the restaurant. Ray says 'sorry you had to come down.'"

And then it was over, until the next one takes place.

[Scott Cramer - Friday Night Throwdown]

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