Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Astonishing Video Of Brooklyn's Coney Island Avenue After Blizzard

Brian Elmquist's photo (at left) of Coney Island Avenue in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, taken on Monday, is fast becoming the definitive photo of the blizzard of 12.26. Now see unbelievable video of the same avenue, filmed Monday morning in high winds and freezing temperatures, and take a virtual walk through a maze of abandoned vehicles and traffic mayhem for a truly "The Day After Tomorrow" moment.

Reached last night, the person who filmed the scene told NYC The Blog: "The street is still the same. People are helping each other and finding their way out."

That doesn't bode well for emergency services. In another video filmed on the avenue, you can see an ambulance unable to pass due to horrendous road conditions and countless stranded vehicles blocking access. The New York Times has reported on the life-threatening or deadly results that ensued in this very neighborhood, and across the city, due to similar conditions preventing emergency services from reaching their calls.

Making light of a serious situation, another unhappy resident remarked in his own video, "welcome to Minnesota. In New York."

See more unbelievable videos of the neighborhood here, here and here

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