Sunday, January 2, 2011

UPDATED: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo 'Doesn't Have Time To Twitter' But Someone On His Team Does

UPDATE: @NYGovernor was indeed an impostor (@NickFahrenkopf is claiming responsibility.) @NYGovernor apparently was linked to at before the account went live, and was never registered. @NickFahrenkopf noticed this, registered the account and "had some fun." Governor Cuomo’s webteam has edited the Governor's website and replaced link to impostor Twitter with a link to the official Twitter. Screengrabs of all the mixups here.

After New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's personal Twitter account was deleted or suspended, a new one appeared at @NYGovernor with a surprisingly unconventional bio page. It's still not clear if Twitter or the Cuomo team deleted the @AndrewCuomo account, but Cuomo's new Twitter account told NYC The Blog that the "Governor doesn't have time to twitter on his own." Instead, the "best web and social media people around," are working on it.

In response to questions about the interesting bio page, @NYGovernor responded: "What's offensive about the bio? Seems accurate..." and then solicited suggestions for a new bio. One constituent found the current bio in "bad taste," and another thinks "the staffer who created the account needs to look for a new job." All of this is to say the Twitter account of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo seems very unorthodox and has people perplexed, including Jim Roberts, an associate managing editor of The New York Times. As to questions about the authenticity of the new Twitter account, it is linked from the Governor's .gov page.

UPDATE: Whomever is tweeting at @NYGovernor sent a Direct Message via Twitter to NYC The Blog, requesting "media questions" be sent via email. An email address at was provided. When asked if Governor Cuomo was aware of this Twitter account or if it was authorized, responded: "I'm working the @NYGovernor twitter feed, but don't have anything to do with media relations. Since you're actively updating a website/blog I can't answer right away. I do have your questions and will get back to you soon." Multiple requests inquiring if the person tweeting at @NYGovernor was an official representative for Andrew Cuomo were ignored.

UPDATE: NYC The Blog is on hold with the Governor's office, trying to get more information. In the meantime, its been suggested that @NYGovCuomo is the real Twitter account for Governor Cuomo, and a tremendous oversight was likely made at when a link was given for @NYGovernor.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's Twitter Takes Bizarre Turn
UPDATED: Did Twitter Suspend And Delete New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's Twitter Account?

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