Friday, December 31, 2010

Speed Tests Show T-Mobile Bests AT&T All Over Manhattan

AT&T vs T-Mobile speed test chart via Mobility Digest

[UPDATED BELOW] You've heard everyone and their mother complain about their phone service at one time or another—no matter their provider—with loyal customers arguing until the cows come home about who offers better service.

But these debates are apples to oranges, right? Doug Simmons at Mobility Digest wanted to find out, and set out to do just that, comparing two Nexus phones on AT&T and T-Mobile side by side in seven different locations up and down Manhattan, naturally documenting his findings on video along the way. Not only did Simmons find that T-Mobile offered about 2.5 times faster download and upload speeds in every location, but AT&T actually performed poorly in more than half the locations. Watch the video and see the findings yourself helpfully charted out.

NYC The Blog did its own test, conducted by analyzing about 10 years of mobile phone service, and has concluded that most mobile phones and their service providers all just generally suck, though some suck less than others.

UPDATE: A reader informs that CNET ran their own tests over the summer with all major carriers in New York City and found that AT&T came out ahead.

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