Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Did Jet Blue Encourage Employee Steven Slater To Open Emergency Door And Exit Down Emergency Chute?

Steven Slater, the Jet Blue employee who berated a passenger and grabbed some beers before making his exit down the emergency chute, appears to have been following Jet Blue's own advice. In an ad campaign now running in New York City subway cars, Jet Blue wants you to remain: "True to removing barriers and opening doors." The accompanying video explains: "We're looking to open doors and explore new things and we can only do that by saying yes. Yes I should take this risk, yes I'm gonna open this door and see where it leads."

Steven Slater obviously agrees. Reached by telephone, Jet Blue Corporate Communications had no comment, except to refer to a statement posted online on Tuesday. Watch the appropriately titled ad—that potentially encouraged Slater to make his dramatic exit—below.

Steven Slater did not return a message sent via Facebook.

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