Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Department Of Homeland Security Sells Ad Space During Screening Process

The photo above was taken at JFK International Airport during the screening process. As seen, the buckets used to hold your shoes, bags, and personal products as you and move through the security check-in now have advertising on the bottom. In this case, for, an online online apparel and footwear site.

This ad campaign was announced in December of 2009. NYC The Blog asked a TSA screener what she thought of it. "I think it's stupid," she replied, "who wants to look at an ad on the bottom of a bucket?"

The buckets and the advertisements that accompany them, along with the low-tech, wheeled carriers used to collect and dispense the trays, as well as the metal tables the buckets are placed on before sending them through to be x-rayed, are all part of the patented SecureTray System developed by SecurityPoint Media LLC.

It's only a matter of time before TSA employees themselves are sponsored by all manner of business concerns, their uniforms covered in patches for Tide, Rolex, and Camel Cigarettes.

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