Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Put Your City On: More Shootings; Less Transport; Trees In Danger; Schumer's Oil Money; More!

West Soho's Cody's Bar & Grill‎ (at Hudson and Dominick Streets) celebrated their 14th anniversary on July 30th with an annual pig roast.
  • 87 Mature Pelham Parkway Trees Face Deracination Under City Plan [New York Civic]
  • Northern Manhattan sees dramatic spike in shootings [Daily News via Uptown Flavor]
  • Disabled Commuters Hit Hard By MTA's Transit Cuts [WNYC]
  • Charles Schumer's Dirty Energy Money [Gammablog]
  • Everyone's favorite empty and accessible corner lot in Nolita, on the NW corner of Prince and Mulberry, has been fenced off! [Twitter]
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