Thursday, July 1, 2010

Low Speed 'Limited Use Auto' Jaunts Around Nolita

This GEM e825 registered and legal "limited use auto" electric car was seen on Mulberry Street yesterday between Prince and Spring Streets. How's that for boycotting BP? A Smart Car watch seems so 2009; it's all about the LUAs now.

"GEM models are sophisticated yet simple," their website declares. "They represent a new kind of personal transportation, that expands the capacity to have fun.

The New York Times disagrees, calling them "a souped-up electric golf cart that doesn’t have to meet basic crash standards," in contrast to full size vehicles. With a top speed of 25 mph, the GEM is mostly limited to roads with speed limits of 35mph or less. Have you seen any LUAs on the street? Please send photos. And a special prize to anyone producing a photo of the owner inside this vehicle. See it up close below.

The e825 has been replaced by newer models which cost around $10,000. A used four door e825 is being sold online for $5,998.00.

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