Thursday, August 14, 2008

[UPDATED] An Outbreak Of Smart Cars Is Discovered In Harlem

Blogger Harlem Fur recently came out of retirement to note one in his neighborhood. The story drew interest from blogs such as Uptown Flavor, Curbed, and myself.

Tuesday brought another fellow Internet savvy resident of Harlem, Miss Maura Mae into the mix, when she reported a spotting of the same Smart Car. Except wait a minute! It is not the same one noted above. Each are red, but have different state plates. One from New York, and one from Jersey. (boooo)

Yesterday morning I wrote that, "Hopefully I too will one day see the elusive Harlem Smart Car..."

As well, Curbed was once again on the beat yesterday, writing that "the first spotting, a few weeks back, nearly caused a neighborhood-wide panic, so who knows what this latest development portends. Be very afraid."

Well, we'll tell you what it portends. A fukn epidemic. NYC The Blog would like to be the first to report a full blown outbreak of Smart Cars in Harlem. That's right. Holla. Walking on Broadway yesterday afternoon, marveling at the different world that exists down there only a couple dozen blocks from my own home, a bright yellow (!) Smart Car was happily parked on the east side Broadway, near the corner of 122nd. And fwiw, this one also had Jersey plates has NY plates.

How many Smart Cars in Harlem? 3 documented cases. Will the outbreak spread, or do authorities have everything under control? dunt dunt duhh...And if you have seen a Smart Car anywhere above 110th, please do send a photo in for the Smart Car Watch©.

UPDATE: Curbed has just reported a sighting of another Smart Car, seen on the corner of 149th and St. Nicholas, bringing the now photographed number of Smart Cars in Harlem to four. !!!

UPDATE: A commenter claims the yellow Smart Car, Jewish heritage, and support for Obama.

More Smart Car Porn Below:

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