Saturday, June 12, 2010

Worldwide BP Protest Unfolds At New York Times Building

A worldwide protest of BP planned for 52 cities across five continents took place this afternoon in New York City at The New York Times building on 8th avenue.

A passerby walked by and wondered why people were protesting at The New York Times instead of BP headquarters. "They must have offices here in Manhattan," he suggested.

It's not clear if BP has offices in Manhattan. The number listed here is disconnected. Either way, the curious onlooker continued: "You know where Joe Biden is? At the World Cup. That's the change we voted for."

Media from NY1 and Fox5NY were on hand as were others. The NYPD stopped by well into the protest, and were extraordinarily polite and reserved. After speaking with a couple of protesters, and inquiring as to the reason for the protest, they reminded everyone to not block pedestrian or vehicular traffic and then took up residence inside The New York Times building, standing sentry and protecting it?

Vehicles traveling north on 8th Avenue, including taxi cabs and MTA buses, honked in support of the protesters, who chanted, "Clean up the mess!" and "Green energy now!"

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