Wednesday, June 23, 2010

248 Mott Street Readies For New Moroccan Market

The windows of 248 Mott Street, covered in the tell-tale construction paper, announce a new Moroccan Market is on its way.

In recent years the location has been home to a jeweler, an organic juice bar and Polux Fleuriste florists.

Though Racked reports the florist was there *before* the jeweler in 2007, the florist was also there last year as well. An email to Polux Fleuriste confirms this; red awnings with their name on them still hang from building.

This is slightly confusing; either Polux Fleuriste was there before the jeweler, and then again after the jeweler closed, or Racked made an error in their chronology of recent business at this space. A follow up email to Polux Fleuriste was not returned; she did initially disclose they are working out of a studio on events and interiors and have no plans to open another retail location.

Admittedly, it can be challenging to keep up with the comings and goings of retail concerns in such a fickle neighborhood as Northern Little Italy. Often times places come and go quickly with no further information. Stores pop up and pop down quickly. Facades change color and signs are made. The changes, both new and old, have been particularly active as of late. A few more reports detailing these changes will be posted soon.

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