Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Put Your City On: Birds Eat Lunch Too; Tax The Rich; Get Out Of The Bus Lane; WeSoHo

A bird eats his lunch on Lafayette Street
  • Taxing Wall Street Would Ease Budget Cuts [Gotham Gazette]
  • New York Deal Steps Up Bus Lane Enforcement Transportation Nation]
  • City Scales Back Plan to Thin Out Art Vendors in Parks [The New York Times]
  • Landmarks Commission Considers Loew’s Canal Theater Tomorrow [The Lo-Down]
  • Business Improvement District tries to convince Wall Street Journal that Hudson Street below Houston is not Soho or West Soho, but Hudson Square. [WSJ Greater New York]
  • Carnegie Hill Closer To Achieving Park Avenue Historic Status [Our Town UES]
  • New Jersey to get more naked [NBC New York
  • It’s Your Waterfront. Help Plan It [City Room]
  • Green Tyvek vs. Yellow Sheetrock [Restless]
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