Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Paul Richard Installs Work Over Shepard Fairey Advertisement On Deitch Wall

A PaulRichardArt YouTube page with a single video appeared over the weekend featuring artist Paul Richard brazenly installing one of his signs with a powerdrill, in daylight hours, right in the middle of the billboard created by Shepard Fairey on Houston Street's Deitch Wall.

Below, watch video of Richards installing his work, a polite sign declaring the wall off-limits to graffiti. Unfortunately, Richard need not have put a sign up for that.

Fairey's billboard, erected illegally a few weeks ago, has been a magnet for attention and minor vandalism since it was unveiled. The advertisement promotes his new poster and t-shirt pop-up store around the corner.

EV Grieve, who first brought our attention the video, has reported that Richard's sign has already been removed.

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