Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ann Coulter Rides Subway, Is Not Happy About It

Ann Coulter was spotted at the 86th Street 6 train station this past Friday, waiting for the subway with the rest of the unwashed masses.

In a surprising and savvy move for one of Manhattan's elite, Coulter waited midway down the stairs leading to the express train, taking a position that allows one to observe the local and express train enter the station, affording you the option of riding whatever one happens to arrive first.

She appeared very pensive and impatient, almost angry looking, as if waiting for the train was an unbearable experience.

Finally the express roared into the station and she boarded. She did not look happy to be riding a subway. Immediately, a panhandler stepped in from the other car. He made his way through the train, asking for food or money. NYC The Blog have him a dollar. Making his way passed a seated Ann Coulter, she ignored his request before exiting at 59th Street. Watch video below...

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