Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shots Fired: New York Newspaper Wars Heat Up And Wall Street Journal Plays Dirty

The Wall Street Journal hit the switch on their "Greater New York" section at 12am on Monday morning. Hamilton Nolan at Gawker matter-of-factly wrote: Let the Newspaper War Begin.

NYC The Blog would like to report it has, and The New York Times has lost their first stronghold.

The WSJ is taking all steps necessary in their quest for market share, including obscuring the competition in Starbucks locations throughout Manhattan. Below, see photographic evidence from two separate Starbucks location on the Upper East Side, displaying The WSJ strategically placed on top of and all over The NYT.

Click through for closer inspection, and notice the stands featuring The WSJ front and center are branded for The Times! Shots fired Clark Hoyt? Indeed.

The bold and underhanded arrangements seen above stand in stark contrast to the more conventional and polite arrangements usually seen among newspapers, where each occupies its own real estate.

As Gawker, The Awl, The New York Times, and media observers across the metro region breathlessly reported on the New York Newspaper Wars unfolding in real time, The Wall Street Journal is out for victory at all costs.

How will The Times respond to this invasion by The WSJ into its own newsstands in Starbucks? With more than just a new television commercial, hopefully.

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