Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Graffiti On Houston Street And It Is Not's Shepard Fairey

Spied this morning on the NE corner of Mott and Houston was the relatively large and (new?) work signed by BTM, seen above. Far left says "Wild Bill."

UPDATE 06.14.10: Luna Park fills in the blanks on the artist: Seedr. 

The paint still appeared to be wet at 8.30am and is only two blocks west of the Deitch Wall on Houston that was recently papered over by noted sticker artist and t-shirt designer Shepard Fairey. A crossing guard on the corner couldn't provide and clues as to when the work appeared, as it was her first morning manning this corner making sure pedestrians were safe from the speeding traffic on Houston!

UPDATE 04.23.10: A friend informs me they noticed this piece last week.

More photos of the newest art to grace Houston Street, below...

I defer to New York City's resident graffiti expert on this one; hopefully he can add more context.

UPDATE 06.24.10:
It's been buffed.

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