Friday, April 23, 2010

The New York Times Purchasing Sponsored Tweets

After discovering Sponsored Tweets in the feed of @newyorkpost yesterday, and wondering aloud if other news orgs practices this, twitter user @samdawnpaul brought attention to this tweet from Time Out New York's twitter feed.

Interestingly enough, as seen above, it is a "Sponsored post" for The New York Times, offering 50% off subscriptions. It seems innocuous enough; one can imagine the use of them becoming common, without much fanfare. Though admittedly, there is something slightly sad and desperate about this particular "Sponsored post."

Maybe 'sponsored posts' in tweets of others, purchased by The New York Times (most likely included in an ad package), is out of the ordinary—like a warm thank you or emoticon on their Facebook page, too new and unfamiliar—ever so slightly unsettling.

Or maybe not, who knows? Sponsor tweets away!

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