Monday, April 19, 2010

ANIMALNewYork Removes Nude Ashley Dupre Playboy Photos After Playboy Threatens To "Crush" Them

Bucky Turco, New York City's "best downtown-minded internet savant" and publisher of ANIMALNewYork, has removed Playboy photos from his website that featured a very naked and nude Ashley Dupre—former part-time lover of Eliot Spitzer, one-time Governor of New York, after lawyers for Playboy threatened to "crush" Bucky and his staff.

The photos lived on briefly in Google's cache after they were removed from viewing on ANIMALNewYork; a screengrab of the photos as they appeared on ANIMAL moments before Google updated their cache of the page can be seen below, hosted on Flickr...
(Photos after the jump NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

Ashley Dupre Playboy Photos

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