Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is Downtown Brooklyn the new Williamsburg?

That's the optimistic question posed last week by The New York Observer in their April issue of the Luxury Rentals Monthly special advertising supplement.

The answer comes in part from a commenter at Curbed who preemptively answered that question in a "Comment Of The Day" on an unrelated post on March 12:
"Downtown Brooklyn? Are you kidding me?? Have any of you guys actually BEEN there at night? It's probably the most depressing places in the city. It feels like Hartford, CT on the weekend. Yes, Brownstone Brooklyn proper is much nicer than Williamsburg for a bunch of reasons - but trying to say Downtown Brooklyn is better than Williamsburg - sorry, not buying it."
Dare to dream, Downtown Brooklyn. But serious, if the universe is a kind and living being, you will forever be spared this fate.
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