Monday, April 12, 2010

UPDATED: Massive 7 Alarm Fire At 285 Grand St

A woman in Chinatown covers her mouth as 7 alarm fire rages behind her on Grand St / Photo credit David Perez Shadi (via).

The New York Times reports at least ten people were injured in the fire, which spread to three buildings that more than 250 firefighters and 60+ units responded to. Rescue crews first responded to the scene after a 911 call at 10.14 p.m. EDT, a New York Fire Department official said from the scene by telephone. He said the first crew arrived at the scene at 10.16 p.m.

UPDATE: FDNY officials said one 92-year-old man was critically hurt. Other reports of injuries have been noted.

Video below right was sent in from @blythjs, who explains it was filmed "about 30 minutes" (sent at 12.40am) and that the fire appears to be smaller now (12:54am).

Update: Photo of heavy smoke over drifting over Lower Manhattan via Flickr user dantekgeek
Update: Video here
Update: Google Street Map view of 285 Grand
Update: Chilling video of scene and fire from a couple blocks away
Update: EVAC ALL FIRE FIGHTERS via NYCScanner Twitter: "manhattan nyc grand & eldridge sts. Heave fire from the bsmnt thru the roof of a 6 sty 60x80 bldg. Evac all fire fighters"
Update: is reporting at least 250 firefighters on the scene.
Update: BNO reports: "Grand St. Chief of Dept Kilduff has transmitted a 7th alarm for heavy fire in two buildings. Spokesman says so far 3 injuries reported."
Update: Fire is now reported to be in three buildings, and two civilians with serious life threatening injuries.
Update: The New York Times reports "Flames burst 20 to 30 feet from the roof" and dozens of firefighters waited to be sent in, five at a time."
Update: FDNY call logs visible here. Show at 23:10 hours they received a "report of person trapped in apartment 4C on the 6th floor."
Update: Photo showing a street packed with firefighters
Update: "These photos are from 11:30pm - 12 :20am"
Update: Video uploaded two hours ago of units on the scene
Update: In a report time stamped 12.28am at Yeshiva World News, they report that all firefighters were pulled from the building.
Update: At 12.45am, Vermont's carried an AP report that " FDNY spokesman said all of the residents have been evacuated."
Update: Gothamist has more info this morning
Update: Yeshiva World News has a full set of photos from the scene depicting the blaze and the scene on the ground, as well the injured.
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