Tuesday, March 23, 2010

L’Étoile At The New York City Opera Where Orchestra Seats Are $25

The New York City Opera opened their Spring Season this past weekend with L’Étoile. And thanks to the Opera For All program, a generous amount of Orchestra seats, normally priced at $75 to $145, are made available for the hoi polloi at just 25$. "Rush tickets" are available every Monday at 10am during the season for all performances that week, based on availability. As well, City Opera also sells $12 and $20 tickets for for every performance in the theater’s 4th and 5th ring.

With awe-inspiring set design, in L’Étoile's case this featured large whimsical props seen above, lighting worthy of a concert, the orchestra in the pit, and beautifully made elegant and plush costumes—to say nothing of the opera itself, and the performers on stage—these tickets one of the best values in New York City.

The New York Times was at the opening:
The plot of mistaken identities is wacky, even by operatic standards. King Ouf wants to celebrate his birthday by impaling a subject and wanders the city in disguise, seeking a potential victim. He finds one in the peddler Lazuli, who loves the visiting princess Laoula, whom the king himself wants to marry. Lazuli is saved when Siroco, the court astrologer, says that King Ouf’s fate is bound with Lazuli’s. Other comic characters include Hérisson de Porc-Épic, an ambassador who pretends to be married to Laoula; Aloès, his flirtatious real wife; and Tapioca, his secretary.

The Opera is performed in French, but do not despair, the New York City Opera helpfully provides translation on a screen above the stage (seen at right) that is out of the way and does not intrude on the performance.

L'Etoile continues it's run through April 1 at the David H. Koch Theater, located on the south side of the Lincoln Center.

You can purchase $25 rush tickets on Mondays at 10 a.m., at the box office, online or by phone (212) 721-6500. Use the offer code OFA1.

(All Photos Credit: Christopher Foley)
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