Friday, December 18, 2009

Win This Free Folded Usher Poster!?

"To win more of these posters and other prizes, see inside ABC Store at 123 Canal St."

Those easy to miss messages tacked above many of the illegal ad spaces that dot the city, inviting you to enter a participating business nearby to receive a free poster, (of an advertisement) are legit! Now if it was only clear why the ad company, participating business, or consumer, would actually be a party to this. But as the photo above shows, now we know you can indeed get free posters, and "other prizes," at participating stores. This photo was snapped at a frame shop a near 12th St, a little south of Union Square. One of the posters featured an ad for Usher's newest album, Raymond vs. Raymond.

That box to the left is one of those ubiquitous "win free stuff" boxes you see in pizza parlors and delis everywhere. Write in your contact info, address, phone number, etc...and be entered to win what is surely nothing in return. Now there is a case Cuomo could train his sights on! That's gotta be a scam, right? You give us all your contact info, and you can win a cruise! I wonder if a cruise has actually ever been given away.
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