Tuesday, October 27, 2009

PAC vs NPA: Taking Over Illegal Ads with Illegal Art

Jordan Seiler's Public Ad Campaign hit the streets of New York City on Sunday to reclaim alleged illegal advertisements placed by the NPA advertising company. Reporters at the New York Times and ANIMAL New York were both tagging along and have more on the story.

At 3:30 pm, NYC The Blog happened upon two artists, Philip Lumbang and Shai Dahan, (seen in the video above) who just finished adding some art to whitewashed ads on Broome and Chrystie Streets. They explained that approximately 120 signs were targeted on Sunday, signs that Public Ad Campaign maintain are illegal and erected without proper permits or permissions.  (See a photo set of their work here.) The Times reports:
A spokeswoman for the City Department of Buildings, Ryan Fitzgibbon, said on Sunday that it was difficult to immediately address Mr. Seiler’s claims. “If outdoor advertisement is allowed, a permit from D.O.B. must be obtained in order to post an advertisement or a sign,” she said. “Advertisements are not allowed on construction fences.”

It is no secret, however, that such advertisements abound, and on Sunday morning Mr. Seiler pointed to a construction fence near his studio that was covered with dozens of pasted posters.
It is this advertising, illegal in nature and often encouraging you to "Buy this, do this, eat that," Lumbang told NYCTB, that is particularly offensive.

Shai Dahan explained: "We can be out here for 45 minutes and have cops roll up on us and be like, 'Hey, you're not supposed to do that' but at the same time, [NPA] puts this stuff up on a weekly basis...and when was the last time you saw any of those guys in handcuffs?"

Representatives for NPA did not return phone calls or emails requesting comment.
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