Monday, July 20, 2009

Long Island City Resident Threatens To Leave Neighborhood If Over-Priced, Nouveau, Insecure, Overcompensating Bars and Eateries Do Not Stay Open

Lounge 47 in Long Island City, Queens, has long been a thorn in residents' sides.

Queens Chronicle, reporting from another contentious community board meeting, notes that the current owner is looking to sell the place. Swimming upstream in his quest to bring "Manhattan Style" to the backwater citizens of LIC have apparently taken it's toll, and he is ready to call it a day.

However, reports are that one resident, Brett Banchek, has drawn a line in the sand and has made an ultimatum. If this place closes, his family is leaving! Because if Manhattan gets to have shitty overpriced bars with obnoxious, inconsiderate patrons and their friends from Boston, well goddamn it LIC residents should have the same rights. Equal rights for all now!

Banchek, according the paper, moved into one of the new L.I.C. highrises about a year ago and decried the general community feeling that there are too many bars on Vernon Boulevard.
"If these restaurants move out, my family is going to move out," he said, adding that he thinks additional bars would be a boost to the neighborhood’s economy and would make the area more vibrant and welcoming.

Other community members pounced on Banchek, and the meeting turned into a shouting match, with everyone talking over each other. Community members berated Bancheck...
[No resolution on Lounge 47]

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UPDATE: and Gothamist pick up the story.
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