Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peter Vallone, Council Members Walk Out of City Council Meeting During Moment of Silence for Michael Jackson

Azi Paybarah, journalist and blogger at at Politiker NY took video today in City Council chambers during a moment of silence for Michael Jackson. According to Azi, "Republicans Jimmy Oddo, Eric Ulrich, [and Vinny Ignizio] along with Democrats Peter Vallone Jr. and Lew Fidler, all left the Council chambers just before" the moment of silence was recognized.

Peter Vallone, a conservative democrat who hates minorities, forward thinking, dogs, and most everyone else, was reported by Azi to have said "he left the room for the same reason Republican State Senator Frank Padavan accidentally wandered through the Senate chambers in Albany—that is, in search of a cup of coffee.

'That’s what I was doing, wink,' said Vallone."

[City Council Honors Michael Jackson; Several Members Walk Out - PolitikerNY]
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