Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whole Foods Becomes Latest Salvo in Quest for Equal Rights and Justice for All

id="This Neighborhood wants a GROCERY STORE. Even better, a Whole Foods! Neighbors, you can email Whole Foods to get them in here or call 311 or the Mayor's Office... I'm sick of eating out! We need to take action!"

The sign above was seen affixed to the window of an empty storefront sandwiched between Best Buy and Staples on Lexington Ave, between 86th and 87th Street. As you can see, the poster—"a group of concerned citizens"—has strongly suggested the neighborhood needs a grocery store, preferably a Whole Foods. BTW, there is a Key Food around the corner. Does that count as a grocery store? For what it's worth, the staff at the deli are awesome.

Considering the other stores in the neighborhood now, including the new Barnes and Noble super store recently opened that UES Informer just filed a report on, a Whole Foods would not be surprising. A call to Whole Foods was not immediately returned.

Oh how far we have come in the battle for Civil Rights.
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