Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Put Your City On

Rooftop Views
The Chrysler Building looking north from 23rd St
  • NYC sex stats <Time Out NY>
  • Who are the financiers, developers and corporate titans lining up behind the mayor's move to revoke term limits? <City Limits>
  • Person Fatally Struck by Subway in Brooklyn <Gothamist>
  • Two East Village cemeteries open their gates <The Bowery Boys>
  • Al B. Sure - Nite And Day <New york Look Book.nu>
  • "Stocks may be down, but cocks are up," <NY Observer The Real Estate>
  • Metblogs NYC writer had no idea who David Patterson was until seeing this week's New York Magazine cover story on NY Govenor David Patterson <Metblogs NYC>
  • A court makes it official: a tenant who breaks his lease still owes rent for the full term
    <City Limits>
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