Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kate Holmes Lost Her Wallet In Williamsburg, Posts $1,500 Reward

At the Verb Cafe on Bedford Ave. btw N4th and 5th in Williamsburg BK the other evening, NYC The Blog couldn't help but notice the note on the right, posted on the register.

"Kate Holmes. Red Wallet w/ with japanese design, passport + $$$. $1,500 to return"

(!!) The barista assured us that Kate Holmes did indeed lose her wallet at the cafe, but not that Kate Holmes. But seri, just some regular Kate Holmes lost her wallet and is offering a $1,500 reward? Really? Kate, are you sure that is a complete list of contents? Because it all ads up to not much, unless of course there was so much cash in it that a $1,500 reward is less than the cash that was in it. And in that case, most likely the wallet will be getting returned empty. So that wallet w/ Japanese design must have tremendous sentimental value if you are offering a $1,500 reward for its safe return. I really hope someone comes forward with it. Maybe Gawker will pick this post up, and surely then whoever has found your wallet will be using his laptop at the Verb, reading Gawker, see that you are looking for the red wallet with Japanese design that he found, and will come forward with your wallet. I hope so.

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