Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Otis Houston Has A Posse

Otis Houston first came to my attention, as he does for most New Yorkers, while driving on the FDR. Later, I spotted a sheet hanging on a fence on 125th St pictured at right, bearing the words, Goggle ME Otis Houston Jr. Artist Sam Cooke. Via the comments at that post, I learned that he is also known as Black Cherokee.

Known for his eccentric and thought provoking art displays he graciously displays from his spot aside the FDR, blogger The Eagle View took the time this past spring to shoot a great video interview with Houston.

Following the posting of a picture of the sheet, a number of his fans visited the page to leave their support and encouragement in the comments for the man known as Black Cherokee.

"Yo, Black Cherokee, I've been seeing your exhibits for years now, Keep it up! Art on the highway"

"Yeah, Otis, keep it up man. wimps + bbusters represent. Been seeing you for years... navy blue subaru."

"'goggle me' it has a different meaning think about it, it is not that difficult, its almost genius!!! BLack"

"His best quote had to be, 'Bruce Lee + Muhammad Ali= ME'"

"This guy is a genius, no matter how he spells Google!!!!!!"

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