Monday, October 13, 2008

New Jersey Resident Pisses On New York City, Literally

Another website offering mobile information on where to find a bathroom in NYC recently made it's debut, though the news did not make it to this New Jersey resident in time.

Walking down 3rd Avenue yesterday at 5pm and crossing 16th St, I could see what was a heavy flow of liquid pouring out of the bottom right corner of the phone booth pictured. (click the photo for larger view, though the pictures do not adequately illuminate the great flow) It was a surprising display, and I wondered aloud, "What is going on over there?" It appeared if someone was pouring out a beer while on the phone.

Upon closer inspection it became apparent what was happening -someone was using the phone booth as a urinal. Admittedly, the amount of piss pouring out of the phone booth and onto the sidewalk was a shocking display, seeming worthy of photographic documentation. The urine continued to stream towards the sidewalk, splashing on the ground as if it was a fountain of piss, which admittedly it was.

When the teenager was done, he looked pleased, and walked over to a waiting minivan pulled over on the street. He hopped in and drove off, their New Jersey plates causing a passerby to remark, "Of course."

The phone booth is on the south east side of 16th St, around the corner from 3rd Ave. Not that you use public payphones, but you def don't want to use this one.

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