Thursday, August 7, 2008

Put Your City On

old truck in soho
Old work truck parked in soho
  • Bucky Turco, you could never say he is afraid to be servicey. <Animal>
  • Take a photo of the falls, maybe win $500.00 <Urbanite>
  • The Blackout, Five Years After <City Room>
  • Twitter fans take note: NYPD Now Taking Text Messages :D <Gothamist>
  • Summer Streets coming this week-end. <Streetsblog>
  • 'Heroin Was Sold in Candy Stores' <Razor Apple>
  • Free Film and Dance tonight in St. Nicholas Park. <Uptown Flavor>
  • On the Street, Masha Soho. (scroll down) <The Sartorialist>
  • The Bowery Boys visit Andrew Carnegie's mansion on 91st. <The Bowery Boys >
  • " It was the day after the August 15, 2003 blackout. Greenwich Village still didn’t have any electricity. It was roughly 107 degrees outside, so my wife, Kim, and I headed to the healing waters of our neighborhood pool." <Mr. Bellers Neighborhood. >

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