Monday, August 11, 2008

Keith Gessen To Curate Video Art Exhibit

Keith Gessen, editor of literary magazine N+1 magazine, and killer of Gawker, is expanding into the art video world, recently announcing in the comments of his Tumblr an intention to curate a showing of video art at his Brooklyn home, to take place in an outdoor garden or screening room. In the recent Tumblr post by Keith discussing the merits of TV or art films, commenters have left links to more video art, which prompted commenter Paolo Paparazzo to call for a movie night to screen these art films. Keith noted in response,
"Paolo, we should definitely do that, though only if you promise to eat a whole block of cheese. Wait till you guys see my patio/garden! Of course if it rains we can always retire to the screening room."
The Keith Gessen Tumblr post now has about six or so films duly noted by commenters, all of which are enjoyable. Date, Location, Time of screening of these, and maybe more, TBA. It would follow that this info will most likely be noted in the comments at that post, which you can follow here. See you at the movies! At Keith's house!

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