Thursday, August 7, 2008

Revisiting 11 Spring St

The photo to the right was snapped recently while passing by 11 Spring St in Downtown Manhattan. Here is what the building looked like two years ago.

In the middle of December 2006, the building was the impetus for a historic, week-end only art show publicly commemorating the buildings status as canvas for street artists throughout nyc and the world --one last hurrah before the new owners convert the empty building into condos to be sold for multi-millions. As I wrote at the time, under an alter ego at a now private blog,

"For those unfamiliar, the building at 11 Spring St. in NYC holds a revered spot in downtown nyc's history. It has been written about countless times, with much ado being made about it's history, fate, ownership, and especially it's status as a mecca for street artists from around the world. The Building is an enigma in Manhattan Real Estate, as it has sat undeveloped for decades, in one of the most actively re-developed neighborhoods in one of the most actively re-developed cities of the world, which has only fueled the interest shown in the building by so many..."

Here are some videos from the opening I took that week-end, including the infamous bombing by DYM the morning of. (last video linked)

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